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Our Approach

We aim to provide all of our customers and distributors with the highest quality product possible. Our team is dedicated to not only supply superb products, but also excel in customer service.

Our Story - The Browns

In 2005, while raising a family, Chuck and Debbie wanted to find a stay-at-home job for Debbie while the kids were at school. Calling upon an old friend for ideas, they found Decal Connection. Working out of a home office, Debbie took care of all the decals from start to finish and got them to rod builders.

When things started getting a little busier in 2009, Chuck began to help out in the evenings with the extra workload. Chuck also began teaching himself about graphics and doing some sales calls. Being completely self-taught, there was a lot of invested time into learning about software, materials, printers, and other office necessities. In 2011, Chuck became part of Decal Connection full time, continuing to expand business aiming for the highest quality products and the quickest turn-around time.

Chuck and Debbie hired their first employee in 2014, still working out of their home. The summer of 2015, they had grown so much they decided it was time to move the business out of their home and into an office.

As Decal Connection, Inc. continues to grow, so does the necessary space. In the fall of 2017, they expanded their office space. Decal Connection, Inc. is grateful to all rod-builders and manufacturers for the continued success and growth over more than 10 years.


Quality product is always a goal of Decal Connection. Please let us know what you think!

Our Team

The best thing about business is people. We are humans, we act like humans, think like humans, our team loves being human with you. We have all gotten to where we are today from a different path, but we like to think the paths led to this place for a reason.


Debbie Brown

Owner - President

Debbie grew up in Pennsylvania, but decided to try out some warmer weather and went to Florida for college. This is where she met her partner-in-crime, Charlie Brown. They have been married 31 years and have 3 grown children. She likes to read books and watch some sports.  Spending time with family is always on the top of her list of things to do. She is the glue that holds the team together!


Fun Fact: Debbie plays the piano very well.

Chuck Brown

Owner - Vice President

Chuck was raised in southern Indiana. In his early years, Chuck worked along side his father and grandfather and adopted a passion for farming. After high school, Chuck moved down to Florida for college. For over 21 years, he served as a minister of music in churches in both Florida and Tennessee. Chuck is a lover of people, so sales and marketing come naturally to fit his position at Decal Connection, Inc. Most days, Chuck's mornings are spent on the farm feeding his beloved animals instead of hanging out in the office.


Fun Fact:  Chuck thinks sports fields are nothing but a waste of good farmland. 

Taylor Buchinger

Graphics Specialist

Hailing from Wisconsin, Taylor started with Decal Connection, Inc in 2016 after moving to Tennessee. She enjoys spending time outdoors doing things like kayaking and playing sports. A true cheesehead, you can find her watching the Green Bay Packers whenever they are on. Taylor studied Graphic Communications at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. Taylor likes to visit home whenever possible to see family and friends.

Fun Fact: Taylor used to compete in 3-event water-ski tournaments.

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