Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First of all let us say thank you from Decal Connection, Inc for taking the time to read through these questions and answers. We do not take the trust our customers place in us to deliver a quality product at a competitive price with a rapid response lightly. It is our hope that these questions will help you determine what you need or would like to see for your rod building in relation to decals for your rods.

What type of decals do you make?   Our standard decal is a premium self-adhesive (Peel-and-Stick) 1 mil thick clear material. It is pre-cut to size and covered with a clear mask to ease application. But we have other options available if that isn’t what you are looking for.

Are you able to coat the decal with epoxy?  Yes. In most cases it only takes one coat of epoxy to cover and protect the decal.

What is the minimum order required?   One. We have to have an order to fill an order.

What file format do you need if I have a logo/image that I would like made into a decal?  We need a vector file format.  These file extensions include but are not limited to .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .CDR.  There are no additional charges if submitted files are clean vector images.

If I create the logo in Photoshop or have a jpg file will that work?  Most of the time it will, but it will require a setup fee for a workable file format. We can always provide an estimate of the time it would take before we complete the work.

What are the file setup fee prices?  The fee is based on $60/hr and you are only charged for the amount of time it takes to create the image.  In our experience, most files average from $15-30.   There is no set up fee for text or pure vector files submitted.

How do I determine sizing for a decal?  We recommend 1/3 of the circumference (the distance around the blank) where you are placing the decal.  This ensures that you would not need to turn the rod to read or see the text/image that you have placed on the rod blank.

I only have text, so how do I determine what point size I need?  Point size varies from font to font. A good way to see this is to use Microsoft Word and type the text you want and  assign it different point sizes. Then print the document, cut the text out and place on the blank to determine which point size works best.  If you are not able to use this step, give us the measurement of 1/3 of the circumference or the full diameter and we will use this information to best size the decal.

Am I able to use different fonts and point sizes on the same decal?  Yes, you may use any number of fonts, sizes, or colors you wish on the same decal. (Pricing may vary with multiple colors)

What fonts work best?  The style of font used is a personal preference.  Keep in mind, if the text needs to be small, a clean simple font is best.  Don’t try and put Mona Lisa on your thumbnail.

Do I have to use the website to order?  No, you may simply send an email but it needs to include ALL following information:   Name, Address, Phone number, image/text, font, sizing, color, and quantity.

What colors do you offer?  Our basic colors are gold, silver, white or black.  Other colors are available such as red, orange, green, blue, yellow, fuchsia, turquoise, holographic, etc.  These colors have enough strength and opacity to stand alone on a dark surface.  Within these available colors multiple shades can be requested.  For instance, your client may want a green… Does he want a deep forest green, a medium grass green or a neon green?  These are just a few examples of the shades available.

Can I use more than one color on a decal?  Yes.

What is the pricing for a decal?   A single decal that is silver, gold, white or black is $4.99/each.  Color decals start at $6.99/each.

What is a sheet of decals?  A sheet is equivalent to approximately 100 square inches.

How many decals fit on a sheet?   Quantity on a sheet is based on the size of the image/text decal.

What is the price for a sheet of decals?   One sheet that is silver, gold, white, or black is $39.99/each.  Color Sheets start at $49.99/each.

Can I get a sheet of different colors or sizes?  Yes, for each change it is a $10 upcharge.

How much is shipping?   First class mail for all decals within the United States is FREE!   Any other shipping method requested such as USPS Priority, Express, FedEx service will be an additional charge.

Can I have an order expedited?  Yes, there is an additional fee for this service as well as the shipping charge.

How do I pay for my order?  PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card. If you choose PayPal, we will email you a PayPal request once we have the invoice completed.  If you choose Debit/Credit, you may call us or ask us to call you to exchange information.

What is the turn-around time for an order?  Normally, if the order is received before 1 p.m. central time we can ship the same day. This depends on other orders received.  We do our best to have all orders shipped within 2 business days, unless there is artwork involved or we have unusual volumes of work. These delays are very rare.

Can I call an order in by phone?  Yes, you may.  However, we will ask that you follow the call up by an email with all the information.  This is to ensure that we have spelling, quantities, colors, and sizes exactly as you request.  No Phone order is guaranteed!

May I cut a decal to be used in different places on the blank?  Since the beginning of Decal Connection, Inc in 1994, we have stated that each decal is designed to be used as a single decal and not cut as separate decals. We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we have worked diligently to keep our premium product at an affordable rate.

Will you print Logos of sport teams?  Any image that is copyrighted must be accompanied with a written letter of permission from the organization/team and we will be happy to print the decal.  Violation of copyright laws carry a very high and stiff fine.  For further information you may call us to discuss.  Decal Connection, Inc reserves the right to reject any order seen as offensive, profane, explicit or anything seen as inappropriate for production by Decal Connection, Inc.