Peel-N-Stick Application Instructions

Download Instructions PDF Here

Before you begin the application process, place a thin coat of epoxy on the blank where you will be placing the decal and let dry.

  • This step provides a flawless surface for the decal to adhere to. Without this step, we do not guarantee decal.
  • The decal will come pre-cut to size with excess decal material removed from it.
  • The decal itself comes sandwiched between the backing and a top carrier sheet. This allows you to handle the decal without touching its adhesive side and only touching the carrier sheet.

To Apply the Decal:

  1. Lift the carrier sheet from the backing. The decal will peel up with the top sheet.
  2. Place the decal down on the rod in the desired position.
  3. Start from the middle and rub the bubbles from there to the edge. You may rub firmly or take a finishing tool and rub over the carrier sheet.
  4. Peel the carrier sheet away and the decal remains in place. Your fingers never need to touch the decal because you have the carrier sheet to hold on to it.
  5. Once applied, you are ready to apply your finishing coat of epoxy over the decal.

If you have any questions or complications, please give us a call anytime. 931-436-5021