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“As of Jan 1, 2013, Individual decals will be $3.95/each and Sheet prices will be $32.95/each.  Sheet price is for the same text, color, size, or graphic.”

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Peel n Stick/Vinyl Decal application fluid.

Now you can move your Peel n Stick or Vinyl Decals around and get them in place like
waterslide decals.

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1/8 inch round vinyl alignment dots

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New pricing

For multiple font sizes and colors per sheet,  there will be a $5.00 charge per change.
Example: if you are getting a sheet of logos and you want them in three different sizes and three different colors,  there would be any extra $20 per sheet for the two additional font sizes and two different  color changes because of extra setup work.

Additionally, any sheets requested with multiple names will be charged at a per decal rate. 

It would help if you know the font name that you want and the size.  If you can, please file attach your fonts to us. 
We hate to charge for finding and matching fonts.

See our Tech Support area for help with this and many other topics.

Please know that we hate to pass on these costs on to you, our valued customer,
but the complexity of all decal work has increased with the high tech programs and printers that we now use.
If you need a better explanation of all of the above items, please contact us.

Please order only one decal per each decal information form below.  If  it appears that more than one is ordered within the five lines of each decal field, you will be charged for each one separately.

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